The Story

Ed Brogan Wood Bowls

I like to turn wood.

I love the beauty and utility of wood and work to make beautiful, useful pieces. Every bowl is hand made by me, and all are signed, dated, and numbered.

Generally my process involves construction of pieces instead of turning a single chunk. I enjoy the visualization and anticipation of the finished product as the bowl is made. And sometimes I'll just grab a chunk and make a bowl.

In the photo above I'm turning a display pedestal. This piece is now in the collection of Epic Systems in Verona WI.

You can find me in action on YouTube if you search for Ed Brogan Wood Bowls, or on Facebook at Ed Brogan Wood Bowls, where I post about work in progress and share interesting information about my process. Please visit my Facebook page and "Like" it.

Thanks for visiting my site, and feel free to give me a call.