Douglas Fir with history

  • $ 4.00

Salvaged from Firehouse #4 in Rockford IL. These are floor joists from the 1890's, and if wood could talk....... This stuff's been on the planet for a thousand years or more!

From published info - the doug fir of the 1880's came from northern CA and the Pacific northwest and was 800 to 1200 years old. I've made bowls of this wood that span 120 years in just a 7 inch piece. It's humbling.

Add to that - the modern era of industrialization was taking hold around the time these trees were felled, sawn, shipped across the country; then built into the firehouse. As lumber it's existed from the days of horse drawn to the modern era; it's been here the entire time.

The smell when cut is intoxicating. Fresh but ancient. Amazing. Delicious. Like candy, only better.

You can buy as much or as little as you like. If you're buying whole planks, take your pick of many. Smaller pieces will be cut from stock already cut into.

$4.00 per board foot.

This product can not be shipped. Please do not purchase unless you can pick up in DeForest WI. Thank you. Contact me with questions.